buy Bat Pug T-Shirt

Bat Pug T-Shirt

Bat Pug T-Shirt

If you like Batman and dogs then you have to check out this fun Bat pug t-shirt.

On the t-shirt you can see Gotham city in the background and in front of it you can find Batman, Robin, and The Joker but they are all pugs and in they are still in their costumes. And then in the sky you can see the bat symbol only this time it looks like a pug with wings and it says “Bat Pug” on it.

This is an amazingly fun shirt for anyone that like pugs and Batman.

You can get this Batman t-shirt in sizes Small – 3XL and comes in 17 colors and it is an unisex shirt so that it will look great on both men and women but other styles are available too.

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