buy Batgirl Rave Shirt

Batgirl Rave Shirt

Batgirl Rave Shirt

This DC licensed Batgirl rave shirt kicks the guano out of the competition. With Barbara Gordon is ready to get down with delivering moves to the underworld, this t-shirt captures it all!

Strong female lead characters are a most welcome expansion of the DC world. In the fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of awesome things, Batgirl brings it with a vengeance. And to have her on a rave shirt is a celebration of this fight for what we hold near and dear.

So pick up a fan shirt and feel the love and the power that Batgirl brings. Shown with her newest costume; such a great addition for lovers of all things DC, and Batgirl fans in particular. Her bright colors contrasted against the black background of the shirt.

Get yours in a size that fits you best, from Small to 2XL. This men’s t-shirt is 100% cotton for comfort and durability.

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