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Batman City T-Shirt

Batman city in his head t-shirt

This stylistic Batman shirt delivers it’s message with a cool juxtaposition of the Bat-signal in the Arkham sky, nestled into a silhouette of the Dark Knight himself. It is dark with a glimpse of hope, and this creates a pitch perfect tone for aficionados of the Bat.

The sharp features of this man of bats portrayal, cut a nice edge into the black background of the t-shirt. Within the image itself – the immensity of skyscrapers, from which one projects the beacon, reflected on and by the night sky shown above -the abstraction being man-made against the heaven-made. In this often less than perfect city, there remains one who has the resolve to set things straight; one thing at a time. Who can resist the magnetic pull of such a hero, one who will right the wrongs of a world gone astray?

Calling all Batman fans. You know this shirt says it all. Available in unisex sizes Small – 6XL and 100% cotton and it comes in styles for both men and women to.

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