buy Batman Slaps Donald Trump T-Shirt

Batman Slaps Donald Trump T-Shirt

Batman Slaps Donald Trump T-Shirt

“Cr-rack!” Justice for America!

Batman deals with all sorts of supervillains intent on destroying the world. If he ever existed in real life, maybe he would deal out a slap to the real-life jokes and monsters. Whether they are building a giant deathly or pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Accord to jeopardize the planet for financial gain? “Cr-rack!” A bat-slap to the face for you!!

On this lovely t-shirt, the joker on the receiving end of the Dark Knights justice bears a striking resemblance to a certain North American figurehead. Sometimes a wild card will trump whatever your ace in the hole was supposed to be! In a fight between philanthropist billionaires and narcissistic Mr. Trump, our money is on Bruce Wayne!

Batman ain’t no snowflake, but he’s nobody’s fool either. Bam! Pow! “Cr-rack!” Mr. President, you don’t deserve a love song from Marilyn Monroe. One day, you might receive overdue justice from the long arm of the law! “Cr-rack!” Wake up!

What a lovely gift for people who “tell it like it is!” This heavyweight cotton T-Shirt wants to be worn. Please order one in your favorite color. Available in sizes Small to 6XL for both men and women.

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