buy Deadpool and Harley Quinn T-Shirt

Deadpool and Harley Quinn T-Shirt

Harley Quinn and Deadpool t-shirt

Hey, comic book fans! What a great ironic and iconic t-shirt!

Arguably the two most sarcastic characters from both the DC and the Marvel universes appear together on this fantastic shirt – in a mock-up of the movie poster for the film “Friends with Benefits”. Funny stuff!

Entitled “merc with benefits” – everyone’s favorite, fourth-wall breaking smarty-pants “Dead Pool” is suggestively pointing towards our favorite “maid of mischief” – Harley Quinn and her “perfect” hand gesture! These two love to mess around and are wonderfully proud of it!

On the beautiful decal on this shirt, Dead Pool looks fantastic in his signature red outfit complete with dual katana’s strapped to his back, and Harley is sporting red and purple highlights in her double braided pig-tails while wearing her “Daddy’s lil Monster” top. They make being bad look like so much fun!

Show your mad-fandom love by picking up one of these outrageous shirts for yourself or a loved one! Available in sizes Small – 6XL! Available in background colors of black, chocolate, dark navy and charcoal and it is available in styles for both men and women.

This great article of clothing will work with any outfit, under a jacket or by itself, with jeans, shorts, khaki’s or in almost any combination allowing you to display your sense of humor and style! Get yours today!

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