buy Harley Quinn Crazy Woman T-Shirt

Harley Quinn Crazy Woman T-Shirt

Harley Quinn Crazy Woman T-Shirt

Awwww, Harley Quinn, with her favorite “puddin” (“please don’t call me that!”) – Mr. J – together in fo·lie à deux harmony – front and center on this lovely shirt! What the deuce?! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Take a look at who’s got the bat here! It ain’t the Joker, it our bad girl of Gotham, Harley Quinn, in a great homage/satire of the famous “Pretty Woman” poster. This time the famous mock up to the poster is called “Crazy Woman” with Harley in the position of Julia Robert’s character “Vivian Ward” and the Joker in the place of Richard Gere’s character “Edward Louis”. It seems oddly and completely apropos – despite this being equally an example of oxymora!

You’re someone who wants this great piece of casual wear because it embodies your sense of mischievous fun and moxie. Hells bells, why so serious? Have fun and get this one!

Available in the full spectrum of background colors, this comfy and durable top will look great as a signature accessory to many different combinations. It is preshrunk cotton and sized for your order from Small to 6XL. And the shirt is available in both men and women’s styles.

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