buy Kids Batman Riddle Me This T-Shirt

Kids Batman Riddle Me This T-Shirt

Junior Batman And Joker Riddle Me This T-Shirt

All our growing little one’s deserve a cool DC Comics t-shirt. You might as well make it a Batman and ┬át-shirt, add a great graphic and some durability and here is the t-shirt for you. Enjoy!

Light blue is the color of this t-shirt, a really nice blue indeed. The graphic has a worn look with DC Comics Batman flying in with a fist of fury and punches the Riddler in the face, enough to send him flying back. There is also a bat symbol and the words, “Riddle Me THIS!”

This t-shirt comes in kids sizes 4, 6 and 7. It is an officially licensed product and is 100% cotton for some added durability. Don’t worry there is some added durability in the neck and hems are double stitched, so it will last.

Get your little one hooked with the Kids Batman Riddle Me This T-Shirt.

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