buy President Trump As The Joker t-shirt

President Trump As The Joker t-shirt

Lots of people don’t agree with Donald J. Trump and on this shirt, you can see Trump as The Joker and maybe he is a bit like a Joker.

On the shirt you can see the US stars and stripes flag and in front of it you can see   President Trump and he is dressed as The Joker in his purple suit and his white skin and The Trumper is giving the finger and I am sure that many people feel that this is exactly what he does to the world.

You can get this special Joker t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it is available in many sizes and colors.

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buy Batman Slaps Donald Trump T-Shirt

Batman Slaps Donald Trump T-Shirt

“Cr-rack!” Justice for America!

Batman deals with all sorts of supervillains intent on destroying the world. If he ever existed in real life, maybe he would deal out a slap to the real-life jokes and monsters. Whether they are building a giant deathly or pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Accord to jeopardize the planet for financial gain? “Cr-rack!” A bat-slap to the face for you!!

On this lovely t-shirt, the joker on the receiving end of the Dark Knights justice bears a striking resemblance to a certain North American figurehead. Sometimes a wild card will trump whatever your ace in the hole was supposed to be! In a fight between philanthropist billionaires and narcissistic Mr. Trump, our money is on Bruce Wayne!

Batman ain’t no snowflake, but he’s nobody’s fool either. Bam! Pow! “Cr-rack!” Mr. President, you don’t deserve a love song from Marilyn Monroe. One day, you might receive overdue justice from the long arm of the law! “Cr-rack!” Wake up!

What a lovely gift for people who “tell it like it is!” This heavyweight cotton T-Shirt wants to be worn. Please order one in your favorite color. Available in sizes Small to 6XL for both men and women.

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