buy Bane’s Chiropractic Clinic T-Shirt

Bane’s Chiropractic Clinic T-Shirt

Bane's Chiropractic Clinic T-Shirt

Batman might be looking for adjustments after a long battle with one of his enemies, but I doubt this is going to be his number one choice for Chiropractic care.

The graphic on this t-shirt focuses on the bad guy, but is this his career when he decides to retire? Bane Chiropractic! There is a picture of Bane on the left of the graphic with “Bane” in big letters. The letter “E” has a back bone for the vertical line. Ingenious. Underneath it says, “Chiropractic” and of course his practice is in Gotham City.

This t-shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and comes in a men and women’s style. This way any man or woman will be able to flaunt this t-shirt everywhere they go. It comes in sizes ranging from Small to 6XL. It comes in 9 different background colors to make it unique to you. Try out deep royal or kiwi green. They are sure to please.

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