buy Villains Skull T-Shirt

Villains Skull T-Shirt

This black t-shirt shows a big skull and the skull is made up of characters that are no friends of Batman.

Yes the skull is covered in images of many of his enemies.

You can find Bane, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, The Riddler and many more all inside the skull.

There sure are a lot of villains in one skull and you can wear that around if you like.

This Batman villain t-shirt is made for men and women and is available in sizes Small – 3XL and is made from 100% cotton.

You won’t find Batman on this shirt but wearing the bad guys is fun to.

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buy Shaded Mr. Freeze Snowglobe T-Shirt

Shaded Mr. Freeze Snowglobe T-Shirt

“In this universe there’s only one absolute, Everything Freezes”

Yes that is the chilling words from one of Batman’s nemesis Mr. Freeze a DC Comics super villain who is ready to freeze the wings off of Batman and anyone that gets in the way.

On the front of this shirt you see a great depiction of the villain Mr. Freeze, using a shade technique of just an ice blue color to create the silhouette of Mr. Freeze holding his beloved snowglobe with a ballerina inside.

Made from 100% cotton to give you that very durable long lasting tee while also super soft and comfortable.

Available in a wide selection of men’s fitted sizes that will range from Small to 3XL and you can choose from 17 different fun, vibrant and bright colors.

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