buy Catwoman And Her Mouse T-Shirt

Catwoman And Her Mouse T-Shirt

Catwoman And Her Mouse T-Shirt

Cat got your meows? Catwoman is the anti-hero of purrfection, now yours to esteem with fandom, in this comfortable and chic colorful t-shirt!

A great way to enjoy a bit of latex without being committed to actually owning any; the Catwoman shirt brings her sexy back to the front!

Shown standing with nerves of cat steel, a stylish profile of her beautiful masked face, and turning the other cheek while holding a caught mouse by the tail, the rendering of the lovely Catwoman is at once subversive and playful.

Choose your best colour and size for your Catwoman t-shirt that comes in both men and women’s styles.

Catwoman fans, Batman fans, DC comic fans, lovers of world of Gotham, this is the shirt you’ve been waiting for!

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