buy Harley Quinn Portrait T-Shirt

Harley Quinn Portrait T-Shirt

Miss me pudding Harley Quinn t-shirt

Harley Quinn, lover of the Joker, is always up to no good. Have fun with her badass character when you get yourself this awesome shirt!

Harley Quinn is seen in the foreground of this brilliant t-shirt, in full technicolor with red and aqua eye shadow, and an intoxicated look like something has happened, and that something is about to happen! The artist of this creative shirt is Tom Trager, and his title for it is “Miss Me Puddin?” as if Harley Q was out on the town, and ready to engage a conversation of unknown nature with “Clown Prince of Crime” himself. What has she done? In the back drop she is standing there, with a baseball bat flung playfully over one shoulder. It’s battier than a Batman.

What to make of it? Who knows? It’s manic fun!

Keep them guessing with this amazing t-shirt! Available in men and women’s styles in sizes from Small to 6XL. 100% heavyweight cotton! This shirt is super-freaky! That girl’s alright!

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