buy Bane Gotham Reckoners T-Shirt

Bane Gotham Reckoners T-Shirt

Bane Gotham Reckoners T-Shirt

If the DC Comics world has superhero vs super villain basically they are on different teams, so what would the villains call their team and what would the logo look like? Here is one that Bane would really go for.

This is a t-shirt that has a cool sport team logo that is made for the DC Comics villains, find Bane standing tall and tough with the gotham city cityscape in the background and the text of “League Of Shawdows Gotham Reckoners”.

This is a unisex t-shirt that is available in a wide variety of sizes that range from Small to 3XL and you get a choice of 9 fun, cool and vibrant colors all on a 100% cotton shirt.

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