buy Women’s Super Batman T-Shirt

Women’s Super Batman T-Shirt

Super Batman T-Shirt

Alright women, here is your new DC Comics of your dreams. It features both of those leading men that you love, Batman and Superman. Hallelujah!

It is a small and simple graphic that dons this t-shirt. It is a sharp looking Bat Logo with his pointy ears and all. But in the middle of the Bat logo is…are you ready for this? A Superman logo! What?! It is super awesome!

This t-shirt has over 8 different colors to choose from and is a v-neck style t-shirt. Put this amazing logo on the back or the front of your 100% cotton t-shirt. It’s all up to you. It comes in sizes Small up to a 2XL. Add this slim fit t-shirt to your ensembles today.

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